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Nobody’s Listening

hmmm.. jarang-jarang aku ada keinginan bikin puisi ngupload lirik. entahlah, yg jelas tadi pagi nyalain televisi lappie, muter lagu, setelah beberapa menit, keluar deh sadako-nya nih lagu


Nobody’s Listening

Peep the style and the kids checking for it
The number one question is how could you ignore it
We drop right back in the cut
Over basement tracks
With raps that got you backing this up like
[rewind that]
We’re just rolling with the rhythm
Rise from the ashes of stylistic division
With these nonstop lyrics of live living
Not to be forgotten
But still unforgiven

But in the meantime there are those who wanna
Talk this and that / so I suppose
That it gets to that point feelings gotta get hurt
And get dirty with the people spreading the dirt
[it goes]

Try to give you warning
But everyone ignores me
[told you everything loud and clear]
But nobody’s listening
Call to you so clearly
But you don’t want to hear me
[told you everything loud and clear]
But nobody’s listening

I got a
Heart full of pain / head full of stress
Handful of anger held in my chest
And everything left is a waste of time
I hate my rhymes
[but hate everyone else’s more]
I’m riding on the back of this pressure
Guessing that it’s better
That I cant’ keep myself together
Because all this stress give me some to write on
The pain give me something I could set my sights on
You never forget the blood sweat and tears
The uphill struggle over years
And the fear and thrash talking
And the people it was to
And the people that start it just like you


waktu ndengerin, malah mikir “ni maksud lagunya apaan ya?”
kira2, apa ya? *masih tanya aja*

btw, bwt kalimat yang ada tanda […..] tu maksudnya.. err.. maksudnya… mmm… maksudnya.. ee… maks *dijitak, kelamaan* sulit dijelasin. dengerin aja sendiri lagunya biar tau ritmenya, mungkin bisa ngerti maksudnya. jangan lupa kasih tau saya karena saya lemot

kalo nggak punya lagunya, donlod aja dari sini

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